KETO – I’ve been doing Keto for a long time…
Its been interesting to watch as the world comes to grips with this new way of living. Is it a fad?

Nope, it works. Its real, its simple and you feel bloody great!

A lot of people ask me why I haven’t promoted it more myself.

I guess I love it so much its been a little hard watching people go nuts over it and do it the wrong way.

Ketogenic diets are meant for good health, to help heal the body. Too many are seeing it as a something that needs to be addressed with special diet and shakes and crazy ingredients.

Don’t get all crazy of peeing on sticks to see if you are in ketosis – they don’t work.. And neither do most of the keto blood monitors. Unless you pay for a decent one you will get a lot of false readings.
Instead I encourage all my clients to go by how they feel.

I ask them “do you feel better?”… “Do you have more energy?”… “Is the weight dropping?” (if that is your goal)… “Can you focus more?”… The idea of the diet is to make it sustainable in a way that works for the individual.

Everyone is unique. For example I need to eat a lot more carbs than the text book recommendations. How do I know? If I don’t i lose too much weigh, I don’t sleep as well and I am grumpy. Remember I have been doing this a long time.

Be patient with your body and work out what works for you.

Be patient and adjust over time… As your body changes and factors around you change.
Keep it simple! Unless you are planning on going to the Olympics you do not need special potions to get you into ketosis. This is the biggest have! Sure they are great for a boost, short term and sport such as triathlons..
Of all the Exogenous Ketone Salts available, I love Perfect Keto and thats why its the only brand we sell. There are a lot of crap ones on the market. I love it when the company head will actually answer my emails and questions himself for a start!

My favourite cheat for being in ketosis has always been Bulletproof Coffee made with Bulletproof Brain Octane and unsalted butter.

I use the Brain Octane oil on my food for an extra boost.

This is my daily go to for keeping in Ketosis. It simply makes the Keto diet easy.

I eat simply. Like most people I am busy, I dont have time for crazy keto recipies and prefer to eat basic a diet plan.

Breakfast is Bulletproof Coffee around 7am

A second Bulletproof coffee if I need it around 11am.
If i exercise I will have some Bulletproof Collagen powder in water right after my swim.

Bulletproof Collagen is my absolute favourite way to get good clean protein into me easily!
Great for beautiful skin healthy hair and strong nails.

Lunch is at 2pm with eggs and bacon. Or maybe salmon eggs and some greens from my garden.

Dinner is about 6.30 pm

Meat is my go to.. Steak, sausies. Its that easy Or fish!
I have my greens . Broccoli is a favourite add some Kumera (aka Sweet potatoes for my US friends) is a favourite with a load of butter, brain octane oil and sea salt.

My desert is then a wicked hot chocolate made n my blender by adding

  • 250ml hot water
  • Brain Octane oil
  • Butter or coconut cream
  • Bulletproof collagen
  • Cacao powder
  • A little manuka honey or Dr. Hishams Xylitol

Its so good and satisfying!

Yours, in great health


Trudy x