Performance Coaching

Performance Coaching for stress-free living.

The coaching program offers women a chance to be supported in their high-performance roles and manage life in a more productive stress-free way.


Since 2015 I have helped hundreds of people, turn around health and performance based issues!

My approach is unique and I work with what I know best: Corporate women with kids and/or partners (human or animal).

The difference in my approach is keeping each coaching session “real”. Everyone is different. Everyone has hidden “stuff” that holds them back from sustainable living. I take great care in creating a safe and nurturing space for my clients… I prefer to call friends. We go deep. We explore. We get raw. And we kick serious ass. Oh, and we have fun.

Don’t expect a cookie cutter program… Because you are not a cookie.

The people who turn up and my door needing me are there for a reason and are normally ready for a unique approach!

Trudy (The Naked Biohacker)